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Our Colour Cement products include a variety of DIY applications and Installations;

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Self-Levelling Floors

Self-levelling is a coloured, liquid, cement-based formula, applied onto an...

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Colour Floor Plaster

Colour Floor Plaster is a cement overlay, applied onto an existing screed....

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Colour Screed Floors

Colour Screed is a granolithic concrete material that strengthens and colours...

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Wall Plaster

Wall Plaster is applied as a skim coat of 3mm thick to either a wood-floated...

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Industrial Floors

See why you should use National Crete’s Industrial Flooring Systems? All our...

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Raw Screed

National Crete Manufacturers can also assist Clients who prefer the artistic...

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We have two different sealers available, a Twin Pack Sealer and a Single Pack...

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DIY Sealer Application

What Sealer should be applied to different applications? The Twin-pack sealer...

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Stone-chip Floors

Stone-chip floors have been in the marker for many years but very few home owners or companies are aware of this wonderful flooring product. It is widely used in churches or in hotel foyer’s, lobby’s or hall ways. It provides an exclusive feeling of riches and presents a marble like finish. It is a 6 – 15mm self-flowing cement formula which will give you the colour you desire with a touch of stone...

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Colour Chart

The colours are available on our Website to provide you with a guideline only.

We extend an invitation to you to come and view National Crete Manufacturers where the products, applications and actual colour samples are displayed.

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