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Self-levelling is a coloured, liquid, cement-based formula, applied onto an…

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Colour Floor Plaster is a cement overlay, applied onto an existing screed….

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Colour Screed is a granolithic concrete material that strengthens and colours…

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Wall Plaster is applied as a skim coat of 3mm thick to either a wood-floated…

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Hardens within 4 – 5 days

We have two different sealers available, a Twin Pack Sealer and a Single Pack Sealer. The Twin-pack sealer can also be applied on a raw cement floor screed which is also available on an Application Data Sheet. Twin Pack Sealers are available in gloss or satin finish.

Require help or training 

“Require help or on-site training? No problem! We provide on-site training for all our manufactured products. We help builders, architects, developers, construction companies, or anyone who would like to enter the colour cement flooring market. The training includes step-by-step application processes and in-depth consultation.

Our products, when applied according to the instructions, never need a do-over! It cannot shrink, unlike laminated floors and has a clean, seamless look. Costs are often much cheaper!