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“When passion blends with profession it turns into a masterpiece...”

Deon Carstens, our CEO, is a maestro in the Colour Cement Floor Industry, 
with many years of site management experience.

A business National Crete is passionate about.

Deon has an honest reputable name among builders and applicators. The frustration of dealing with poor quality material from on-site suppliers led him to build his own team and develop a more effective product. National Crete Manufacturers perfected the Colour Cement Floor products in the market, giving you the perfect finish, first time, every time! He mastered the applications, now he did the materials too.

Expanding soon!

After 13 years of success as a company servicing Cape Town, we are now planning to go national. Your positive feedback and support is enabling National Crete Manufacturers to expand our services in the greater South Africa soon!

Require help or on-site training? No problem!

We provide on-site training for all our manufactured products. We help builders, architects, developers, construction companies, or anyone who would like to enter the Colour Cement Flooring market. The training includes step-by-step application processes and in-depth consultation. If the DIY does not suit you, speak to us about an Installation.

Technical Support

“Do you need technical information or support? Contact us on 086 1111 261” 
between 08h00 and 17h00. If we are unavailable, you can leave a message and we shall reply shortly thereafter.

Reasons to consider National Crete Colour Cement Flooring

  • a seamless, clean, smooth and luxurious finish
  • an affordable alternative to tiles or other coverings
  • very simple application with an extremely high MPa (hardening of the floor)
  • it is hard, durable and easy to clean
  • ideal for commercial kitchens due to the traffic it endures
  • very low maintenance, compared to other types of flooring
  • our application products are scientifically perfected
  • we provide on-site help and training and technical support
  • products include a step-by-step application data sheet
  • it works, no come-backs or regrets from our DIY or Installation Clients!

What are the benefits and cost difference of Colour Cement Flooring compared to other types of flooring?

  • it does not go out of fashion so you never need to change it!
  • it cannot shrink, unlike laminated floors
  • Colour Cement Flooring has a clean, seamless look.
  • costs are often much cheaper!
  • our products, when applied according to the instructions, never need a do-over!
  • no heavy maintenance – no waxing, polishing, sanding required – only apply another coat of sealant approximately once every five years!