FloorCrete is a cement overlay, applied onto an existing screed. The most popular product within the Decorative Colour Cement Screed range.

Colour FloorCrete is a floor plaster and an alternative to Self-Levelling Crete depending on personal preferences as it provides mottled patterns similar to the GranoCem Screed.

Colour FloorCrete will be your selection if you prefer the mottled pattern but lack the floor height for a GranoCem Screed floor.

Colour FloorCrete is applied to a thickness of 3-6mm. Its appearance is seamless and needs no expansion joints, although part of the full application may finish on one day in a discreet position and then be continued the next day, for instance under a closed door, which might then need a cover strip.

Colour FloorCrete is finished with a steel trowel which sometimes creates a raw, rough and rustic texture, but ensuring a sophisticated finish. It creates an artistic look and feel with a luxurious mottled appearance. Colour FloorCrete provides a strong, durable finish with a substantial MPa, making it suitable for interior and exterior use.

FloorCrete is available in 16 colours.

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