GranoCem Screed

GranoCem Screed is a granolothic concrete material that strengthens and colours cement screeds.

It is a special blend of cement with very hard-wearing aggregates, lime fast pigments and certain additives. It sets rock-hard, has exceptional abrasion resistance and reduces drying shrinkage. This is your hardcore flooring product! Ideally, the Substrate should be a concrete slab that is at least 3-4 weeks old, sound, hard, well cured, clean and free from paint, dirt, dust, oil, glue, tar, old loose cement or any other contamination that could prevent the proper bonding of the topping (screed) to the Substrate. Also note that all thick underfloor heating, conduit pipes, plumbing pipes, cables of all sorts or any other objects to be under Colour Screed floors, should be recessed in and tightly fitted to level or below the top surface of the Substrate, to prevent any unnecessary cracking of the application..

All expansion joints should be cut in the Substrate where required, prior to the application of the GranoCem Screed. A V-joint of 6mm should be made on the finished floor surface, directly above the expansion joint in the Substrate. V-joints of 6mm can be made in the wet finished floor, for instance under doors to avoid the spreading of surface shock, or to indicate room divisions. A minimum thickness of 30 to 40mm must be allowed for a GranoCem Screed floor. A 30mm topping (screed) is cast, compacted and struck to level. Then the pre-mixed colour cement is applied to a thickness of 3-6mm to the surface of the cement topping (screed), wood floated and then steel floated. This will create a smooth, mottled and beautiful old look to the entire floor. These floors are for interior and exterior use.

GranoCem Screed is available in 16 colours.

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