Industrial Flooring Systems

Industrial Flooring systems will eliminate all your previous Industrial Flooring challenges.

National Crete Manufacturers have obtained raw product materials from a well-known European company with a reputation that has been built over decades. The Polyurethane System is a flawless solution and ideally tested for the South African weather. All our staff on the Industrial Flooring Systems are well-trained. A flawless solution, every time, all the time.

  • National Crete Industrial Floors are extremely durable with excellent impact and wear resistance, It can be installed between 1-12mm thick, depending on your requirements.
  • It is cost effective because it is long lasting, quick and practical to install and meets all the needs of the modern processing industry. It is a heavy-duty Polyurethane resin which enjoys an unequaled reputation for performance to be used throughout the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  • It is non-tainting, even in food handling areas.
  • Thermal shock resistance withstands spillages up to 150°C.
  • Chemical resistance, from strong acids to alkalis, fats, oils and solvents which can rapidly degrade other types of resin flooring.
  • Clean and safe for your workers, your products and the environment.

The Industrial Systems are ideally for:

  • Automobile industry
  • Engineering industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Healthcare centres
  • Chemicals industry
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Mining industry
  • Wine industry

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