Stone Chip Floors

Stone Chip Floors is a combination of Self-levelling Crete liquid and a variety of different coloured stones ground to level to expose the stone and sealed thereafter.

Stone Chip Floors have been in the market for many years but very few home owners or companies are aware of this wonderful flooring product. It has actually been in existence for centuries.  It is widely used in churches or in hotel foyers, lobbies or hallways. It provides an exclusive feeling of riches and presents a marble like finish.

It is a 6-15mm self-flowing cementitious binder formula which will give you the colour you desire with a touch of suitable natural stone (small, medium or large), glass, marble or any other grindable material. Stone Chip flooring is cured and then ground to perfection by exposing marble chips and other fine aggregates on the surface of a well-prepared solid concrete Substrate of at least 25Mpa. It is sealed with an Industrial Polyurethane Sealant which provides a smooth uniformed textured surface.

Stone Chip flooring is done by National Crete’s Application team with an extended Grinding & Polishing team. Stone Chip Flooring products can be applied to suit your interior or exterior needs.

Stone Chip Floors dominant cement binders are available in a variety of 16 colours. The stone colours are unlimited and designed to chosen preference.

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