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Our Colour Cement Products include a variety of DIY Applications and Installations

.Our Colour Cement Products include a variety of DIY Applications and Installations such as Self Levelling Floors, Colour Floor Plaster, Colour Screed Floors, Wall Plaster, Stone-chip Floors, Industrial Floors and appropriate Primers and Sealants. Have a look at our different applications and you will be sure to find something that suits your style.

What’s the secret to Colour Cement flooring?

The success of any National Crete Colour Cement Floor or Wall entirely depends on the condition and quality of the Substrate onto which National Crete Products are applied.

  • The Substrate should be a sound, hard, clean, well-cured concrete slab or cement screed, at least 3 weeks old, struck-off to level and wood floated.
  • The Substrate must be free from paint, dirt, dust, oil, glue, tar, old loose cement or any other contamination that could prevent the proper bonding of National Crete Products to the Substrate (from here link must go to DIY applications: ​

How to ensure a good topping (screed)?

Mixing the topping (screed)

  • To establish the quantity of sand and cement you would require for a topping of 30mm thick, apply the following equations:-
  • A. m² of floor x 0,04 = cubic meters of sand required
  • B. 1(one) Cubic meter sand = 18 wheelbarrows of sand (filled level)
  • C. Therefore 18÷2 = 9 bags cement required per cubic meter of sand
  • On a clean dry slab, thoroughly mix 2 wheelbarrows filled level with either crusher dust or coarse Malmesbury sand to 1 pocket of 42.5N cement, until a uniform colour is produced
  • Add water by fine spraying it on with a hose pipe whilst mixing, until the required stiff consistency is produced
  • Make as many of these dry mixes as would be required to complete floor or area to be covered
  • A good test will be to take some screed (topping) in one hand, close the hand with some pressure, open your hand and all the screed (topping) should be intact, but not soggy or wet nor sticking to your hand
  • If the screed (topping) is too wet, bubbles will form when finishing a Colour Screed Floor, which will make the finishing process very difficult and tedious
  • If the screed (topping) is too dry, bonding of the Colour Screed Powder to the topping is reduced, which could result in the delamination of the Colour Screed from the topping, causing hollow spot areas and also the screed (topping) will be of an inferior quality due to the lack of water, which will prevent the chemical process of binding and hardening taking place

What is the substrate?

The Substrate is basically your existing floor. See below illustrations for various applications

How to prepare your Substrate?

For the application of either Colour Floor Plaster or a Self-levelling Floor, ideally the Substrate (existing floor) should be a sound, hard, clean, well cured concrete slab, powerfloated to a smooth finish or a 30mm cement screed (topping), at least 3 weeks old, struck-off to level and wood floated

If the above requirements, condition and quality of the Substrate are not met, a complete Floor Repair to the Substrate is required

Substrates could be of a substandard requirement, condition and quality for various reasons, amongst others being the lifting of tiles, grinding or removal of paint, glue, tar etc.

A Self-levelling Floor Repair can also be done simply to have a level floor for tiling, carpeting or laminate flooring

A Self-levelling Floor Repair Kit can be used to do a repair between 3 and 12mm thick

A Floor Plaster Floor Repair Kit can also be used to do a floor repair for the greater thicknesses of ±5mm up to 20mm. This can be done to create a Granolithic Concrete by adding crusher dust or fine chip stone

How fast can you do it?

Depending on the application you choose, a full installation can take from 7 days i.e. for a Self-levelling Floor, or a Colour Floor Plaster to between 14-21 days for a Colour Screed Floor.

Due to the different manufacturing & application processes, dates, batches and combination of all the various inconsistent natural raw materials used to produce National Crete Colour Cement Products, we cannot guarantee or take responsibility for any natural colour, natural mottle or textured differences, especially when a colour is selected from the National Crete’s sample boards and applied to different Substrates of various qualities and hues. It is best to order your preferred application within one manufactured batch. All our materials are made to order to avoid expired shelf life.
Once you have decided on your specific application, kindly complete the Order Request Form and we shall furnish you with a quotation for an Installation. National Crete Manufacturers will make an appointment to come and view your current Substrate (existing floor/wall) with a thorough consultation to ensure you know exactly what to expect. National Crete Manufacturers do not service more than one Client a day, so you can be assured of the utmost time and perfectionism which is sadly unknown by our competitors in this industry.

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What Sealer should I apply?

To see which sealer should go with which application, Click here

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